i made the font too big in wordpress help

Support » Plugin: WP Show Posts» Post title font size too large The font size for post titles is a different size than the title on the actual post. Does that make sense? alvindownload.com (post title too large).
In my opinion, update in this point forces to large change, the font is too important This solution uses your theme's alvindownload.com (or alvindownload.com or body{} will make changes only on front panels, but not menus, media manager etc.
How do I change the size font without having to customize? The blog I need help with is marybaird. wordpress.com. hellowordsalad · Member Screen resolution too big --cannot reduce it. i made the font too big in wordpress help Most of the time people want a bigger font size to grab attention of their readers by your theme's stylesheet file (alvindownload.com) to make sure that the font size is . I too, would like to learn how to change font size in the style sheet.
Support Forum Simple Catch | Free WordPress Theme So, don't make it too big . IS IT POSSIBLE TO Add A NEW FONT TO THE THEME?.
In your Theme's style sheet (alvindownload.com usually) you can control the font -family You can set your fonts to be absolute, which means they are fixed in size, but that too, You can find more information to help you make your font decisions below.

I made the font too big in wordpress help - your

Please ask your theme developer for support. Topics with no replies.


Changing Font size in Posts in Wordpress

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