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A function is the basic unit of code that can be invoked in ActionScript. Both user- defined and built-in functions in ActionScript are represented by Function.
Change requested argument to null: function chooseRosaryIN(evt:Event = null) I have the following function first called with a button click.
You should not point anywhere, that your function takes one String argument. If it takes int, or takes 2 arguments, - it would be a runtime error.



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as3 function I am new to AS3 and have noticed that calling a function from a mouse event requires just that event as a parameter in the function declaration  Flash AS3 function that returns the type of a variable.
Functions are fundamental tools used in ActionScript to reduce the amount of written code, save time, and add a logical structure to your code. This tutorial will   ‎ What is a Function · ‎ Function Code Example · ‎ Basic Function Usage.
It is comfortably to use in closures, when you need not name for this function. I. e. this way: var myFunc: Function = function (): void {trace("Hello world.

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