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Responsive design is one of the newest buzzwords in the web design world, and it's a trend every small business owner should know about.
We've searched high and low and read (almost) all the reports out there on web design to compile important web design statistics you can refer.
15 statistics to help you understand the importance of web design and website optimization. statistics on website design

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Download adobe acrobat distiller How Mobile is Transforming The Digital Commerce Landscape. Do you think statistical data in website design takes its place? We are based in New York City and Charlotte, NC. Need more statistics to convince your boss it is time for a website redesign? Contact ImageWorks for a FREE website redesign session! Does such openness get you on the right side of an owner?
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Statistics on website design 613
Visual representation of data (Infographics and Statistics) in website design is not only a tool of showing off - it's also a great way of winning.
The practice of web design is a multi-disciplinary exercise. We have compiled a list of ten web design statistics to help stress the importance of the web design practice for businesses. 94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website.
From Google to miscellaneous tests performed around the world, here are some of the most interesting (and useful) web design statistics.

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