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Spillman Flex Mapping. Geographic Information System (GIS) technology plays a vital role in effective public safety and is a central component of every Flex.
Map overview. There are a couple of different ways to work with maps in the Flex API. The first is to add various layers (services) to the map. These layers can.
ESRI ArcGIS viewer for Flex.

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ArcGIS API for Flex Resource Center. We will discuss these two options in a bit more detail below, flex mapping. By clicking Submit, you accept the Adobe Terms of Use. Turn on just the layers you want or see it all fully loaded. The Flex API makes it easy to add web maps into your web application. It simply displays labels in the TitleWindow, and updates them when a user combine logo a marker. The primary way to display geographic information in your application is through a map. The Flex API provides a user interface (UI) Map component.
It has occurred to me recently that there is actually a lot of confusion when talking about maps and adding mapping functionality to a Flex.
It has never been easier to build interactive online maps with Flex. There is a wide range of APIs now available. The focus of this article is building a simple map.

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