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High-quality art and design requires hardware to match. These are the 6 best laptops for designers and artists across graphic and digital design.
my budget: $usa / the size that im considering inches/ screen resolution full hd) / the tasks that i want it.
Now, I'm a senior in college majoring in Graphic Design and that's primarily what this PC will be for. Using programs such as Adobe Illustrator,  Laptop for graphic design, video editing, and gaming. gaming and graphic design laptop

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But while you're a visual creative, I can't stress the importance of a comfortable keyboard enough - for when you're writing long pitches or just tapping lots of responses into Gaming and graphic design laptop, you don't want to be slowed down by constant mis-keying. How long do you want to keep your laptop? You want the performance that will allow you create your adobe 2d animation software work in Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch, Maya or whatever your favourite design or art software is — but you also want a thin, light device that you can easily move from desk to meeting to coffee shop to the train to work as your projects demand or as inspiration strikes.

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Few chrome based graphic designing apps can be installed and used. Storage - This happens to be the bottleneck of any machine.

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