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Since I'll need to plunk down some serious cash one way or another, which is better: CS6 or CC? Are there any bugs or compatibility issues.
Compare Adobe Photoshop CC vs. CS6 and discover all the new features added to Photoshop CC. Get started with Creative Cloud today.
The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book for CS6 and CC [Sharon Steuer] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For decades, Sharon Steuer and her. Adobe Buying Guide: Creative Cloud (CC) or CS6 – Which to Get? When Creative Suite 6 arrived in there came with it a new way to buy Adobe software that the world had not seen before: the Creative Cloud. Related: Compare Features – What’s New in Adobe CC vs. CS6?.
especially as you can currently pick up CC for as little as £16 plus VAT per . globescope said: I bought CS6 to get the video editing program.
There is a definite difference in how you purchase the two releases, as other responses have to most CS6 formats, which is helpful. For more details on all of this, see: Compare Versions: What's New and Different in Adobe " CC " vs. CS6 ?.

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Have you downloaded and installed via creative cloud? Adobe has already made its first steps towards this with the Edge line of tools for web design. Personally, I prefer a purchase model to a subscription model. Integration with Adobe Stock.

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