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So Leonie is correct that Open Site Explorer is the best way to check your backlink profile.:) As a bit of an addendum you can find an amazing.
You can use the backlink tool to check the backlink profile of your, top ranking, or use the seomoz -authority-checker/ to.
How to Get Quality Backlinks with The Moving Man Method a broken link checking program like Check My Links on an old link. Hi SEOmoz folks, Sometimes we begin a new SEO consulting service and do A good tip here is to check the backlinks to that profile page.
Open Site Explorer is a great free tool to find your competitors most linked to pages. See this example of, which is Michael's.
The best thing I love about Cognitive SEO is its bookmarklet – which lets you easily check a webpage's backlinks, SEOmoz data, and more – in just a click.

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